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Wesley Chou’s Asset Compositions

Wesley Chou’s Asset Compositions

We showcase our creative talents here at Use All Five, keeping in mind that the design process is usually considered as the final product.

Design is never a black box, only through feedback and revisions is the final goal achieved. However, along the way ideas emerge that are good, but maybe not good for the particular project.

These ideas are usually lost in the catacombs of project folders, only to be unearthed later while moving files to a new computer. Wesley Chou, one of our Designers and Strategists, makes an effort to dig through his visual archive for hidden gems of the process.

The ideas, most often illustrations and icons, are decontextualized and repurposed as compositions. The pieces can be read on two levels— the first as image making and the second as archaeology.

While the pieces themselves convey meaning and purpose, their composition is supported by passed assets. The assets have varying densities of visual information that provide an evolutionary snapshot of both their past and future.