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Web of War and the Bilbao Effect

Web of War and the Bilbao Effect

Take a look at some of the latest ideas, products, and visuals for the week of March 12th brought to you by our strategists, designers, and developers.


Web Of War How the hair-trigger nuclear age and fears of Armageddon inspired visionary cold warriors to invent the internet.

Is The Bilbao Effect Over? It is 20 years since the Guggenheim Bilbao opened. Frank Gehry’s building has been much praised, but how has the museum really changed the area and are there too many cities trying to copy its example?

More Than One Language When you speak a language, you are the one that belongs to it as much as it belongs to you. Within it, you can always invent but ultimately, through you, thanks to you, it is the one that is constantly inventing itself.

How East And West Think In Profoundly Different Ways Psychologists are uncovering the surprising influence of geography on our reasoning, behavior, and sense of self.

How Mark Zuckerberg Could Really Fix Journalism The new world has to rethink technology as a part of journalism.


Notifica: The app allows people to select contacts they would want to notify in case of emergency and pre-load personalized messages to each recipient.

Dona: A powered to-do list app, which helps you to prioritize your tasks and always focus on right one at the right time.

Eno: The gender-neutral virtual assistant was created by Capital One to help the bank’s customers ‘manage their money by texting in a conversational way’.


Not Hints Just Clues: A conversation about the history of Swiss type design, inventing a portmanteau, the study of typewriter typefaces in criminal investigations, and affordable means of publishing.

How The White Cube Came To Dominate The Art World: For decades, galleries were cluttered with jigsaw-like arrangements of artworks—until the early 20th century, when the White Cube was born.

Bloomberg Cyber: Bloomberg’s ongoing web art commissions.