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Use All Five’s Favorite Reads of the Year

Use All Five’s Favorite Reads of the Year

Google Reader, Facebook, and Twitter provide us at Use All Five countless resources for new reads. Enjoy our collection of favorites.

We’ve probably missed a few gems, but below we’ve collected our favorite reads of year — enjoy!

11 Ways to Visualize Changes Over Time – A Guide
January 7, 2010 — Deal with data? No doubt you’ve come across the time-based variety.

Great products are triumphs of taste
February 1, 2010 — You need to understand what “great” means in a big picture sense, not just in your chosen field.

Sunk Costs: An invisible, pervasive peril
February 15, 2010 — Many of my mistakes can be traced back to a failure to recognize and appreciate “sunk cost.”

Mike Maples Talks Venture Capital And Thunder Lizards
February 21, 2010 — Small startups can be hugely disruptive, and have proportionally huge exits.

Theory of Change
March 14, 2010 — A blog post on the importance of working backwards.

Native App Or In-Browser Website: Which Is Right For Your Brand?
April 6, 2010 — This is still a huge debate for brands and websites, even as we enter 2011.

The Secret to Designing an Intuitive UX
April 8, 2010 — A look at matching the mental model to the conceptual model.

Online & Real Life Social Networks
April 11, 2010 — Paul Adams presented Google’s research on the differences between online and real-world social networks

Attention Brands: It’s Not What You Say, It’s What You Build
May 10, 2010 — Today the product itself has become the primary advertising channel — it convinces people based on its utility to them.

Why Creatives Are Confused
May 28, 2010 — If they weren’t confused they’d be crazy.

(Video) Skills Of The Rockstar Planner: Intuitive Problem Solving Share
June 14, 2010 — The often amorphous practice of intuitive problem solving is defined and examined by leading voices within the planning community.

John Sculley On Steve Jobs, The Full Interview Transcript
October 14, 2010 — An interesting, and thorough, interview with John Sculley on the subject of Steve Jobs.

Nike Turns London Into a Game Board to Get People Running
October 29, 2010 — Nike asked Wieden+Kennedy to get young people excited about running. W+K said forget ads, let’s make a game.

6 Predictions for Digital Advertising in 2011
December 22, 2010 — Six predictions for digital advertising in 2011.