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Tools To Survive A Faster Future and Ghosts of Designbots Yet To Come

Tools To Survive A Faster Future and Ghosts of Designbots Yet To Come

Take a look at some of the latest ideas, products, and visuals for the week of January 15th brought to you by our strategists, designers, and developers.


Ghosts Of Designbots Yet To Come: Automated graphic design and the rise of robot creatives – Francisco Laranjo files a critical report from the perspective of Christmas 2025.

Tools To Survive A Faster Future: “Whiplash” provides a toolkit for living in a world where the pace of change is faster than ever.

Asking The Wrong Questions: With fundamental technology change, we don’t so much get our predictions wrong as make predictions about the wrong things.

Come Into My World: Shuffling through video streams of others’ lives can offer the analgesic, escapist joy in a seemingly hostile atmosphere.


Opera Neon: Opera’s vision for the future of desktop browsers.

Tiny Strip: Scroll, tap, zoom and click to charge your phone using simple everyday interactions.

pplapi: A virtual database of the entire human population for research, products, and decisions.


My Apartamento: Peter Shire: Inside the childhood home that the artist and Memphis Group designer never left.

The Artificiality Of Videogame Landscapes: The mountainous terrain in Connor Sherlock’s exploration game Birthplace of Ossian isn’t of this world.

How Embattled LA DIY Venue The Smell Is Using VR to Preserve Its Legacy: Now facing demolition, the legendary venue will live on thanks to a virtual night out created by director alums Gil Kenan and Vice Cooler.