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Too Fast to Think and Learning from Alternative Art Schools

Too Fast to Think and Learning from Alternative Art Schools

Take a look at some of the latest ideas, products, and visuals for the week of January 30th brought to you by our strategists, designers, and developers.


Too Fast To Think: Chris Lewis explains how modern life is suffocating the part of our brain where ideas come from.

What Can We Learn From Alternative Art Schools?: Artivist Taeyoon Choi reflects on a long legacy of academic innovation.

Defunding The NEA Would Be Incredibly Stupid—Here’s Why: The National Endowment for the Arts funds local community building, educational programs, job training, housing, and more.

How Do You Sell A Work Of Art Built Into The Earth?: Earthworks, monumental excavations and land projects weren’t originally intended to be sold.

The $99 Billion Idea: The companies fought city hall, won over the people, outlasted rivals, and figured out the sharing economy.


The Founder: Created by the designer and developer Francis Tseng, the game is like The Sims for startups: You start by naming your company, choosing a cofounder, and picking a city in which to launch.

LibreTaxi: Free and open source alternative to Uber/Lyft connecting passengers and drivers.

MatchingDonations: All over Internet and the USA, people are donating to ACLU and other organizations. Some people choose to match your donations up to a certain amount. This website shows these people so you can send them your donation receipts.


Decision Space: It marks the beginning of a series of works raising questions around photography, big-data, surveillance, the hidden manual labor behind artificial intelligence and the biases embedded in algorithmic systems.

A Visual Analysis Of Dictators’ Statues In History: In Seoul-based designer Ted Hyunhak Yoon’s project Decoding Dictators he presents a “visual analysis” of the different forms of communication dictators have developed through their statues.

Artists Create Works From Glasgow School Of Art Fire Debris: Grayson Perry, Anish Kapoor and more use materials recovered from the art school fire to make pieces for a fundraising auction, aiming to help rebuild the Mackintosh library