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The Art of Refining and Playing with Parameters

The Art of Refining and Playing with Parameters

Take a look at some of the latest ideas, products, and visuals for the week of July 8th brought to you by our strategists, designers, and developers.

Every week our team of Strategists, Designers, and Developers give you the week’s latest look at ideas, products, and visuals that are inspiring to us as a whole. Here are some things to check out this week, July 8th:

What Design Can Do Conference: Twitter’s Lead Designer, Mike Kruzeniski, discusses meticulous design obsession, the art of refining, and the culture of in-house design.

Drawing Faces Instructed by Facial Recognition: An interesting tool that provides a window into how common facial recognition algorithms score the validity of a face. In a modern twist, shows us the tremendous lengths we must go to as humans to justify to a computer what a face actually is.

How does Google Street View work?: Ever wonder how Google gets all those images for street view? Learn about all the tools they use to help us explore places we could never go before.

Vine: Is Vine more like TV than a social network? This blogger says it’s all about “making me laugh” and not really about “telling me what my friends are up too.”

NoChains: A free app that allows users to look for the best independent, non-chain restaurants in an area.

Tangle: A JavaScript library for creating reactive documents. Readers can interactively explore possibilities, play with parameters, and see the document update immediately.

Delectable: This site showcases online experiences that are a bit more obscure. Ecogex, a graphic design studio based in Paris, has been collecting and showcasing sites that usually have somewhat of a print design aesthetic and unique interactivity.

Pinar&Viola: An office for contemporary image making, they suggest new forms of digital visual representation, create autonomous projects, and work on commission projects as creative directors. Every year, they launch a Surface Collection—a fantasy scenario reflecting an extreme happening, a sensation or a change to reflect future influences and trends.

Phoenix’s Trying To Be Cool / Drakkar Noir by directors CANADA: The visuals here are extraordinarily calculating in their attention to innocent pleasures. From ping-pong tricks, cannon fire, and bubbles, to a choreographed dance routine at the end.