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That’s a Wrap: Google+ Hangouts Hackathon is Over!

That’s a Wrap: Google+ Hangouts Hackathon is Over!

After a crazy two weeks of long days and nights, we’ve reached the end of the Hangouts Hackathon! Looking forward to a cold beer!

Here at Use All Five, we’re extremely pleased with all the work we’ve put in to our game, as well as all the serious hacking we put in the Google+ Hangouts API and Google Maps Streetview API. It felt like a serious crash course in awesomeness.

Right now, our Hangouts game, Hangout Quest, is at 98.8% completion but we still have a few new features we’ll be adding and bugs we’ll be fixing first thing next week. They include the use of facial tracking and a couple of other hidden gems.

If you’d like to try out our game now, click here to launch it now!

Finally, thanks for all the love and support these past two weeks. A big thanks goes out to Use All Five developers Gabe Hayes and Peng Wang for their late nights and long days. Furthermore, thanks to Google for inviting us to participate in the Hangouts Hackathon, it was a blast!

Follow us on Google+ or Twitter to catch our updates and builds next week!