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Mid-Week Link Roundup

Mid-Week Link Roundup

It’s Wednesday and your brain is straddling copious amounts of coffee as the weekend looms. To keep you focused, check out these four links.

It’s Wednesday, which means your brain is straddling the coffee in your hand and the weekend on the horizon. To keep you focused, or distracted depending on your glass-half-outlook, we’ve rounded up four links to keep the creative juices flowing.

Makers and Founders
Creatives are wonderers, often times wondering what’s inside the head of their fellow creative. Makers and Founders seeks to answer those questions by bringing together interviews and short documentaries from creatives past and present. The list is ever growing and open to submission as well.

The Future Never Gets Old
Another gem from The Gradient’s “Junk Drawer”, is Julian Bleeckers exercise and explanation of Design Fiction. He describes Design Fiction as “the fertile muddle where fact and fiction reflect and influence each other”, reminding us to extrapolate the future by considering the obsolescence of the present.

4D Webcam
In the realm of weird and beautiful, Cameron Adams’ 4D Webcam Experiment will keep you entertained, sober or not. The visualization relies on HTML5 webcam and video technology to construct a narrative that uses the 4th dimension of time to explore a streaming video. The experience allows us to explore video non-linearly in terms of the past and present.

Offprint Paris
The aesthetics and usability of print often don’t translate well to digital, however Offprint Paris has done an amazing job walking that razor thin line. Restrained type, colors and form are offset by a long scroll experience that emulates the context of pages without skeuomorphism.