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Engineering Luck and the Master of Persuasive Technology

Engineering Luck and the Master of Persuasive Technology

Take a look at some of the latest ideas, products, and visuals for the week of January 22nd brought to you by our strategists, designers, and developers.


How Designers Engineer Luck Into Video Games: The responsibilities and challenges of programmed luck.

Master of Persuasive Technology: In an attempt to understand the depths of persuasive technology’s influence, 032c’s Eva Kelley spoke to BJ Fogg about the future of bot-communication, workshopping with the military, and how Aristotle’s rhetoric sparked the beginnings of his research.

How Jokes Won The Election: How do you fight an enemy who’s just kidding?

Journalism That Stands Apart: In a follow-up to the “Innovation Report” it released in 2014, the New York Times has published what it calls the 2020 Report, a look at the newspaper’s strategy for success in a digital age.

If You Talk To This Story, The Characters Will Listen: A new wave of virtual reality video games offers incredible tactility, but Untethered considers another layer of immersion: talking.


First Look: The New Museum and Rhizome launched an exhibition of VR artworks in the form of a mobile app developed by virtual reality startup EEVO

Loom: Work-for-equity platform that connects entrepreneurs with developers to bring digital products to life.

Volvo’s Sunfleet: Users register on the website, book a car, unlock it with an app, and find a key in the glove box to start the car.


School for Poetic Computation – Fall 2016 Final Showcase: SFPC’s motto is More Poetry, Less Demo, the showcase is not an exhibition of completed projects, rather an opportunity to share the learning process at SFPC and for the community to meet the students.

Crossvision: A series of video art sequences of recognisable yet disorienting sceneries that combine the popular slit-scan capturing technique with a specially designed camera slider.

Maciej Dakowicz’s Photographs Capture Unexpected, Serendipitous Moments: “Photos need to talk, so words are not needed. With my street photography I simply like the act of taking pictures and then sharing them with people,” he explains.