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Electrocraft and the Tortured Genius

Electrocraft and the Tortured Genius

Take a look at some of the latest ideas, products, and visuals for the week of March 5th brought to you by our strategists, designers, and developers.


Yuval Harari On AI, Religion, And Meditation Retreats: His new book, Homo Deus, is about what comes next for humanity — and the threat our own intelligence and creative capacity poses to our future. And it, too, is fantastically interesting.

We Need To Talk About Art’s Obsession With The ‘Tortured Genius’: Does the correlation between creativity and mental illness ultimately do us harm?

Why The Internet Didn’t Kill Zines: In theory, the maturation of the internet should have killed off the desire for zines entirely.

Life And Death: Detrimental effects of automation are an inevitability of progress, but casualties that arise will be scrutinised fervently as their injuries will not have been caused by the actions of somebody else, they will have resulted as a direct consequence of the actions of a computer.


Litterati: Litter is everywhere. Litterati is an app tackling this problem one piece of litter at a time.

Vuze: Introducing the first camera that captures 3-D simulations that’s also priced for consumers.

LOVE: The first high-end, smartphone controlled record player that you can use with or without its app.


Electrocraft: The world of electronics is shaped by mass manufacture. But now an elite band of ‘electro craftsmen’ are exploring how design can bring out the human side of high-tech

Trickle Down Aesthetics: While many artists exploring cellular automata ultimately ‘graduate,’ and move on and mobilize more sophisticated mathematical systems, several recent works by the UK artist collective Troika convincingly demonstrate how a prolonged investigation into a rudimentary approach can yield rich dividends.

‘Desert X’ Treats Arid Space As A Rich Canvas: This exhibition, featuring 16 art projects across the Palm Springs, Calif., area, plays off the desert as a great escape.

Searching For Meaning (aka Art Trends) At The 2017 Armory Show: What I forgot was that looking for trends at an art fair is like looking for patterns in a handful of M&Ms. Maybe the patterns are there, but if they are, it’s a little extraordinary.