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Disruptive Typefaces and Invisible Furniture

Disruptive Typefaces and Invisible Furniture

Take a look at some of the latest ideas, products, and visuals for the week of June 24th brought to you by our strategists, designers, and developers.

ZXX: In response to the NSA surveillance that has recently come to light, designer Sang Mun created a disruptive typeface designed to thwart machine intelligences in different ways.

How People Really Use Tablets While Watching TV: In terms of building tablet experiences around the television, I do think the research can teach us something: Namely, most people are using second screens in a distracting way.

Colorplan: First developed in 1972, Colorplan is set of products that contain premium colored papers and boards that is widely considered to be indispensable within the design industry. Their website showcases all their colors, but also allows you to explore their colors in a way that helps you pick and match the perfect color(s) for your design. A tool-like function pulls together complementary and adjacent colors, leaving you with the ideal color palette for your design. 

Leap Motion opens dev portal, prepares for launch: Announced last year, the Leap Motion gesture-based controller has already attracted some very big name developers. It’s been adopted by Google for navigation of Google Earth. Asus is testing it for use in the company’s all-in-ones and laptops, and HP is planning on using it to add gesture capabilities to its consumer PCs later this year.

FANZINES! Festival 2013: An inspiring zine / reader festival taking place in Paris from October 3 – November 3. They are currently accepting submissions from around the world until July 15. A great excuse to have some fun creating a new print piece and exhibit it to the public.

Space-distorting visible/invisible furniture: Takeshi Miyakawa’s high-end home decor is something anyone would love to show off, however the material it’s made from is almost invisible to the naked eye.